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Do you know Potential of Preventive Podiatry in India ?

8 out of 10 has foot problems but neglected & 3 out of 4 face foot related problems. That mean common are the foot problems.

There are many studies carried which says that foot health is most important to maintain the healthy life style. Few studies say negligence of foot health & wrong footwear causes the many serous foot issues.

Prevalence of foot pain is 13-63 % among age group 20- 44, also found more in women (Prevalence of foot pain across an international consortium of population-based cohorts, Published in final edited form as: Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2019 May ; 71(5): 661–670. Doi:10.1002/acr.23829.)

Nontraumatic foot pain is common among young working women in our society. More than half (68.4%) of the women with foot pain in our study attributed the pain to footwear.

Wearing high-heeled shoes to work was a significant contributing factor. Increased public awareness on the importance of proper footwear may help to reduce the prevalence of non-traumatic foot pain in working women.

Foot pain is common, especially among young working women, often because of the shoes they wear. Making people more aware of the right kind of shoes could help to reduce foot pain.

Diabetes is another big concern in India, which is known as the diabetes capital. People with diabetes heal slowly, so foot problems can get worse if not taken care of properly.
(The prevalence of foot problems in an Indian population, Resource topics: At-risk groups, Diabetic foot, South-Asian, Date: 21 June 2017)

Risk factors like age, low income, cultural habits, and lack of knowledge about foot care can lead to serious foot problems. These issues are even more significant because diabetes often goes undiagnosed.