25 Apr,2024

Dr. Vilas Jambhulkar

What is Flat Feet ?

We have a small gap on the inner side of our feet when we stand, when this gap is not there it's called flat feet. Everybody is born with flat feet, as a child starts walking his/ her arch starts developing. First, five years of age are crucial for arch development.

Effect OF Flat Feet On Posture:

All joints in our body work together. As feet are base of our body it affects entire posture. Following image will give you clear idea about how flat feet can affect alignment of all proximal joints.

  • Ligament laxity.
  • Muscle weakness/ Hypotonia of muscles.
  • Fracture/ trauma around ankle joint.
  • Family history.
  • Obesity.
  • Tired achy legs.
  • Heel pain, Knee pain & back pain.
  • Recurrent ankle sprain (Poor Balance)
  • Early osteoarthritis of joints.
  • Corn & Calluses etc.

Custom-made orthotics are the main line of treatment for flat feet. People always try to get some off the shelf orthotics & course it doesn't help their problem. Orthotics correction should be based on lots of variables like the severity of flat feet, age, weight, lifestyle, alignment of proximal joints, etc. Thus shelf things are not advisable. A Podiatrist is a right person to prescribe the orthotics.

Podiatry is a branch of medicine specializing in ankle & foot problems. A Podiatrist doctor will do a thorough assessment of your alignment, diagnose the problem & then provide a customized solution for the same.


Supportive Shoes:

Good supportive shoes are recommended for flat feet. Criteria for supportive shoes are rigid soles & firm ankle control. One should not able to twist (Torsion Test) & or bend (Flexibility Test) easily. Usually spots shoes are the best supportive shoes. For a person with flat feet, anti-pronation shoes are recommended.

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